We were having a difficult time after the birth of our 2nd child, and our midwife suggested getting some extra help at home. I had recently heard about Love Mamas and I knew Vic was a friend of friends, so I didn’t hesitate to contact her, and I’m so thankful we did. She was such a great help in so many ways during a very stressful period. Upon arrival, Vic would make me a (much-appreciated) cup of tea, snacks for my hungry toddler, and then take care of the laundry, tidy the lounge, clean the kitchen, or whatever else needed doing. She also made fantastic meal plans and prepared food for the freezer (even graciously rising to the challenge of juggling numerous dietary restrictions!). She did a wonderful job looking after our toddler, who warmed up to her straight away. Vic possesses a combination of traits that make her perfect for this role; she’s caring, compassionate and calm, yet so reliable, efficient and hard working. I was always amazed at how fast she got things done, especially in the kitchen. I can’t recommend Love Mamas services enough and wish Vic all the best on her journey.
— Briony
I was put in touch with Vic through a supportive friend. I had sustained fairly serious injuries during a traumatic labour and was having an absolute nightmare trying to deal with frustrating hospital appointments whilst looking after my baby, with no family close by. I had been leaving appointments in a complete hysterical mess, could not take in information, and felt humiliated, lost and completely powerless.

Initially Vic came over to see me for a coffee. I instantly felt comfortable in her presence - she is warm, intelligent and really listens and looks you in the eye while you talk (a rare thing!). I knew that Love Mamas was a postnatal doula service and after meeting Vic (and having wished a million times I had had a doula during labour), I decided to ask her if we could officially hire her services. Although I had friends who I could have asked for help, I always worried I might be putting them out, and the issues I had were very personal, and could not easily be understood by someone with no experience.

Hiring Love Mamas was the best decision I made in my whole postnatal experience. Vic talked things through with me in detail, accompanied me to the hospital and made extensive notes, helped with my son, came home with me and tidied up so I was able to look after him, then stayed with me and helped me process what the surgeon had told us. She then typed up the notes and emailed them to me that night. She was so super friendly and professional, and I was able to benefit not only from her support but also her knowledge. My only regret is that I did not know of Love Mamas at the beginning of my postnatal journey. Thank you so much Vic, you are wonderful.

Maria xo
— Maria
Vic was a godsend to me after I had my second baby. We sat down and talked about what was needing attention in my life & came up with a to-do list.

All those things that had been weighing heavy on me she wrote down then proceeded to knock off. This included sorting through piles of clothes, menu planning & making chicken stock!

She was always so professional, caring & pro-active I cannot recommend her service highly enough. As a midwife & as a mama the world has been waiting for this! Thank you Vic.
— Sally
Vic swept into our home like an angel in the first few weeks of our bubbas life. We were given 2 precious hours of her time by a dear friend to celebrate our new baby. Vic just arrived, rolled up her sleeves, and pitched in. She washed floors and folded laundry, dusted and tidied. She played and changed our little one while I took a shower. She was heaven-sent.

In those first few precious weeks every moment counts, both with baby and without. This was the loveliest gift to receive, and I felt totally at ease with her in our baby bubble.

— Megan