We believe Mamas deserve as much nurturing as possible!

Touch is hugely important in the way we regulate, communicate, nurture and stabilize ourselves and others.

After birthing a baby, a post partum body needs some time and assistance to heal, even in the most gentle, straightforward birthing scenarios. Assisting this process with a healing, restorative and most importantly relaxing massage can help the body to re-energize. It can also help you to feel nourished, valued and supported as there is so much going on physically between a Mama and her new baby: your body can feel like it is no longer your own. 

Love Mamas' qualified massage therapists Nadia Ettaher and Amy Dawson provide in home massages which takes the stress out of having to leave the house in order to get some nurturing. 

Each massage allocates 90 minutes for a 60 minute massage, and you can even get a massage with accompanying doula to ensure it is as stress free as possible, with someone to settle your baby or bring them to you for a feed in between. 

With each massage we provide -

  • Massage Oil
  • Towels
  • Blankets for relaxation and warmth
  • A choice of essential oil aromatherapy
  • Libertine Blends Tea Runaway Rose sample pack

We ask that you prepare -

  • A warm, cosy space for massage (could be a bedroom or small room with a comfy bed or chair)
  • Your own choice of gentle, relaxing music if you'd like
  • A heater if it is a cool day so your  body can stay nice and warm during the massage
  • Lots of water to drink after your massage to keep you hydrated

To purchase a massage from Nadia or Amy for yourself or as a gift, see here.