The word Doula comes from the ancient greek "woman who serves". Traditionally, a doula is someone who stays with a new mother during her labour and afterwards to ensure they are emotionally supported as well as helping with the household. (For a place to start in finding birth doulas, see here, and I can highly recommend Sarrah in Wellington.)

There is a lot of work to be done with a new baby in the house: extra laundry, extra tidying, the processing of your birth and birth story, sleep deprivation, beginning to parent a tiny human, extreme hunger and thirst... establishing breastfeeding deserves another paragraph entirely... the days and nights are long and melt into each other as all semblance of normal routine goes out the window. You know best how to parent your baby: Love Mamas trusts in your ability and is an offering of support, not judgement, to assist you in your journey.

The Love Mamas service is designed to see you through the chaos: as a one or two gift-session pick me up, and for longer term clients almost as a type of gentle restoration - my aim is to care for you as you gradually regain the strength and ability to care for yourself as well as orienting yourself with your new baby, allowing you to do this at your own pace and in your own time.

To purchase an in-home service for yourself or as a gift, see here.

Some things Love Mamas can do for you...

  • Basic housework & chores - laundry, dishes, vacuuming etc.
  • Supporting and assisting positive thought processes in a demanding, sleep deprived time
  • Assisting and encouraging the establishment of breastfeeding - including helping you set up 'breastfeeding work stations' and other handy tips for making breastfeeding comfortable and stress free within your home
  • Assisting and encouraging the best feeding and bonding outcome in cases where breastfeeding is not possible
  • Help with finding professional services like lactation consultants, PND specialists; helping to source information and resources with any issues that might arise with Mum or baby
  • Support with accompanying new Mums to follow up Specialist appointments in cases where intervention has caused further medical issues, helping to ask questions, note taking, caring for babies during the appointment and helping to digest information
  • Meal Planning & Food Prep
  • Spending time with toddlers, older children

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