Victoria Parsons is the founder of Love Mamas.

After the birth of my son Kiva in May 2012, I became a facilitator for the wonderful Wellington organisation Birthwise. Kiva's Papa and I had been through the Birthwise Antenatal classes prior to our birth, and they opened us up to such an incredible feeling of empowerment: arming us with the knowledge to meet our coming birth and our baby with confidence and joy, and being able to communicate our knowledge with his then six year old big sister. 

Photo courtesy of Riki Gooch

Through facilitating Birthwise classes I came to recognise a common anxiety experienced by many families surrounding post-natal support options, or lack thereof. Not everyone has a network of friends and extended family around to embrace and care for them at this time. I connected deeply with this need, I had been given exceptional support after Kiva's birth and had come to understand what a huge difference it made to my overall health and wellbeing: mentally, physically, emotionally... enabling me to direct that goodness into my tiny son, despite an extremely challenging birth and healing process. I decided to build Love Mamas to meet that need, to embrace and care for new families.

I am very passionate about supporting Mothers. Our role is extremely important and all-encompassing, and can be so difficult! This article by Bunmi Laditan sums it all up for me, and I'd like to share it with you, here.